Jennifer Coates and David Humphrey have been making collaborative art since they met in the late nineties. Getting married luckily didn’t ruin it and they continue making new paintings and music, with their band Phrogz, to this day. The two artists seem to take on a third artistic persona in their collaborations. Implied in this process is a great deal of trust, submission, and amusement. This show at Fiendish Plots is their third “solo” exhibition as collaborators and will include new canvases, works on paper as well as two large paintings by Humphrey and Coates alone.

Coates has written of their process:
Pillaging happens when we touch another person’s painting. If you are brave, you might allow someone access to your pictorial attitudes and then sit back in horror as they wield their brush with mal-intentions, slurring your ideas, coarsening your shapes, mutating your figures into dipshits, where once they were carriers of Romance and Ideology. In this annexed state, your paintings submit to bruising. Your pride is salted like a wound. It is in this place of territorial tangling that we try to have some fun and act like we don’t mind: in honor of better paintings: in honor of terseness, of fecundity, of gingerly twisted muck-ups. We don’t mind being soiled by the other, because we know “this is how it is” and “it is what it is” and “I had to.”

Jennifer Coates is an artist and writer living in NYC. Recent solo shows include All U Can Eat at Freight and Volume in New York in 2017, and Carb Load at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2016. She published an article in Modern Painters in 2016, The Goo of Paint, and has written reviews for Time Out New York, Art in America and The Brooklyn Rail.

David Humphrey is a New York artist who has shown nationally and internationally. He has received a Guggenheim Fellowship and the Rome Prize among other awards. An anthology of his art writing, Blind Handshake, was published by Periscope Publishing in 2010. He teaches in the MFA programs at Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania and is represented by Fredericks & Freiser Gallery, NY.

APRIL 14TH - MAY 14TH 2017
2130 Magnum Circle, Lincoln, NE 68522

April 13th, NOON
Richards Hall's Second Floor
Open Critique Space
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