Alexander Ross Other Drawings
Fiendish Plots, April 27 - May 27, 2019
Artist Lecture: Thursday, April 25, 5:30 pm, UNL Richards Hall Rm 15
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 27, 7-9 pm, Fiendish Plots
Imagine it is your job to manufacture culturally nonsensical display objects by hand, but there is a requirement that they be ridiculously imbecilic and yet somehow intellectually enlightening at the same time. How would you get there? You would tinker with a bunch of stuff to see what might turn up, hopefully generate a number of possibilities, settle on the most likely prospect, and then develop that one thing until you had an object so utterly pathetic that it contended for actual display. Repeat. All the other ideas, since they are too good, you’d realize, must be rejected. Those too-good rejects you might then simply store in a box and forget about. Those too-good rejects you might weeks later take out of the box and, in some dangerous paroxysm of irresponsibility, display proudly on the walls of Fiendish Plots.

Fiendish Plots
2130 Magnum Circle
Lincoln NE, 68522
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